Mammifères d’Afrique – Revue du web – Juin 2017

Liens vers l’actualité du mois de juin concernant les mammifères d’Afrique.
Links to news of may about African mammals.


Les publications scientifiques contribuent-elles au déclin des espèces ?
Maroc: Guelmim: des scientifiques cherchent les espèces rares.


Genetic study shakes up the elephant family tree.
‘Devil weeds’ threaten wildebeest migrations in Serengeti.


La Pendjari : A l’Ouest, du nouveau !
Drones et Intelligende artificielle unis contre le braconnage.
La résurgence du savoir traditionnel autochtone aide à la conservation des grands singes.
Le Rwanda accueille 20 rhinocéros noirs au parc national d’Akagera.
Faune: fuite massive des animaux du parc Niokolobadiar vers le Niokolokoba (Sénégal).
Au Gabon, protéger les éléphants mais aussi les villageois.
Mozambique: Zinave se refait une beauté.
Mozambique : 7500 animaux vont repeupler le parc national de Zinave.


Breaking a fence-breaking habit: maintaining the fences that reduce human-elephant conflict.
New York detective work saves rhinos in South Africa
IUCN says Ivorian park should come off World Heritage ‘danger list’ as chimps make comeback.
Conservation group African Parks to look after West African wildlife.
The Warrior Women Fighting to Save Endangered Lions in Kenya.
When Will the Great Human-Elephant War End?
30 years of protecting the mysterious Okapi.
‘Gorilla moms’: The women rescuing Congo’s endangered primates.
Conserve elephants. They hold a scientific mirror up to humans.
More electric fences needed to stop elephants from destroying Gabon crops.
Germany releases 18 million euro for wildlife conservation in Tanzania.
From Zimbabwe to Mozambique, more than 7 500 animals ready for African Animal Ark operation.
How to save the worlds tallest animal.
Creating corridors: researchers use GPS telemetry data to map elephants’ movements.
Kenya: Number of elephants growing gradually, KWS survey shows.
Conservation group African Parks to look after West African wildlife.
Wildlife of northern Central African Republic in danger.

Braconnage – Trafic – Commerce – Chasse:

Une interdiction en Chine entraîne (enfin) la baisse du cours de l’ivoire.
Trafic d’ivoire : la Chine dans le viseur de l’Ouganda.
Malaisie : saisie d’écailles de pangolins pour un million d’euros.
Ivoire, tortues, perroquets… baisse des ventes en ligne d’espèces sauvages menacées.

Poaching – Traffic – Trade – Hunting:

China’s ivory ban sparks dramatic drop in prices across Asia.
Hong Kong must act now on total ivory trade ban, as delays would be deadly.
A message from African rangers to Hong Kong: End the ivory trade, because our bodies are on the line.
South Africa: Court stops export of elephant to Dubai circus.
How Laos’ Black Market Undermines China’s Ivory Ban.
Namibia will not legalise trade in rhino horn and ivory.
Ivory Coast jail sentences for chimpanzee traffickers.
Game theory suggests China should keep its ivory trade ban in place indefinitely.
More than 1,200 animal traps found at Meru National Park.
Tullamore, the last of the famous ‘5 musketeers’ desert lions of northern Namibia has been killed.
Last of the famous lion brothers is killed amid ongoing conflict between farmers and big cats in Namibia.
An African ranger’s message to Hong Kong’s ivory traders.
Poaching in Africa becomes increasingly militarized.
China and the Closing of the Ivory Trade.
If we stopped poaching tomorrow, elephants would still be in big trouble.
Malaysian Customs officers seize 288kg of pangolin scales.
Global fight against illegal ivory trade needs more teeth, as the killings continue in Africa.
10 elephants poisoned with cyanide in Zimbabwe.
Illegal trade seizures: Elephant ivory in Europe.
Rhino poaching requires focused law enforcement.
Chinese citizen arrested in Maputo airport carrying ivory, lion claws and teeth.
Hong Kong launches ivory ban bill.
Ten more elephants poisoned by poachers in Zimbabwe.
China’s ivory ban was a big step forward. But we all must do more.
Mozambique to relaunch sport hunting
Surge in wildlife killings is wiping out giraffes.
Panthera Statement on South Africa’s Proposed Quota for Lion Skeleton Exports and Its Impact on Wild Lion Populations.
Endangered Wildlife Trust Response to the Department of Environmental Affairs Announcement of a Captive Lion Bone Export Quota of 800 Carcasses.
Lion export quota for 2017 communicated to the CITES Secretariat in line with CITES requirements.
Rhino horn auction to go ahead in South Africa after court lifts ban on sales.
Can modern technology save rhinos from poachers?
500kg of horn for sale as rhino owner hosts controversial global online auction.
Tanzania: State Orders Confiscation of Poaching Weapons.


Les dessous de l’altruisme chez les chimpanzés.


A Twist In Discussions Of Chimpanzee Spirituality.
Comparison of male conflict behavior in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and bonobos.
Female chimpanzees wait for their turn at the top of the social pecking order.
Two Red Colobus-Two Sides of the Lomami River.
Wild macaques – AWCP visits a Moroccan research centre.
Why southern Africa’s iconic baboon is on the decline.
In search of Madagascar’s “marine primates”.
Ring-tailed lemurs down by 95 percent? Maybe not.
Making New Connections: Insights from Primate–Parasite.
Watched chimps change their hunting habits.
Chimpanzees May Alter Their Hunting Behavior When Being Watched By Humans.
Mountain Gorilla Population Bounces Back, Quadruples to 1000


Deux lions sauvés d’un cirque sud-américain ont été tués dans un sanctuaire africain.
Comment les suricates se reconnaissent-ils entre eux ?


Some cheetahs are terrible mothers.
Kenya: Lions in Kenya Could Be Extinct in Two Decades, Experts Warn.
How badly implemented land reform can affect wildlife: a Zimbabwean case study.


Les derniers jours des girafes du Congo.


Tsavo elephant census reveals population back above 12,000.The big move
Relocating 500 elephants, one family at a time.
If you were an elephant …


Autres nouvelles:

Tanzanie: L’équilibre délicat du lac Manyara menacé par les activités humaines.
Ouganda: l’ONG Global Witness dénonce la corruption dans le milieu minier.
Maroc: Jemaa lefna, une place dangereuse ?

Other news:

Kenya: Likely negative consequences of SGR construction for wildlife.
How corruption, mismanagement and political influence is undermining investment in Uganda’s mining sector and threatening people and environment.
Learn from the legendary naturalist Dr. Jane GOODALL in her first ever online class teaching conservation.
One of Africa’s Great Lakes is at risk of a massive gas explosion.
Kenya railway line’s effects on development, animal welfare.
Who shot Kuki Gallmann? The story of a Kenyan conservationist heroine.
The world needs wildlife tourism. But that won’t work without wildlife.