Mammifères d’Afrique – Revue du WEB – Octobre 2020

Liens vers l’actualité WEB de la faune africaine – Links to WEB African Wildlife News.

Préservation / Conservation:

Braconnage / Poaching – Trafic / Traffic – Commerce / Trade – Chasse / Hunting:

In the Horn of Africa, conflict and illegal trade create a ‘cheetah hell’.
Namibia: 100 Buffaloes Up for Auction.
Kenya: Maasai Mara Wildlife Targeted By Bush Meat Traps.
Does trophy hunting hurt giraffe populations? A planned lawsuit says it does.
In Uganda, safeguarding chimpanzees against the scourge of snaring.
Time for the EU to close its domestic ivory market ?
Safari Club International’s Plan to Colonize Africa’s Hunting Grounds.
CAMEROUN : la douane saisit 118 défenses d’éléphant à Ambam dans le sud.
TOGO : le commerce illicite d’ivoire continue, 5 autres trafiquants interpellés.


Why Male Baboons Benefit From Female Friends.
Encroachment on Bugoma Forest driving Chimpanzee-human conflict.
Un plan décennal espère donner aux chimpanzés une chance de survie.
Lemur guide: how many species there are, where they’re found, and why so many are endangered.

Herbivores / Herbivorous:

Mystery as 12 elephants suffer ’extremely sudden deaths’ in Zimbabwe taking total to 34.
Giraffe diurnal recumbent behavior and habitat utilization in Katavi National Park, Tanzania.
Ivory Coast Without Ivory? Massive Extinction of African Forest Elephants in Côte d’Ivoire.
How Humans Benefit From a Highway of Trails Created by African Forest Elephants.
GABON : le changement climatique affame les éléphants du parc de la Lopé.

Carnivores / Carnivorous:

Human-lion conflict in a key lion population area.
Hyenas: Fascinating, misunderstood, yet absolutely essential.
Algérie : La genette, espèce menacée, réapparaît « grâce » au confinement.
Die-Off of 5,000 Seal Pups on Beach Triggers Inquiry in Namibia.
The role of kinship and demography in shaping cooperation amongst male lions.
Spatial partial identity model reveals low densities of leopard and spotted hyaena in a miombo woodland.

Autres mammifères / Others mammals:

Pangolin: helping to save the most endangered species of the planet.
Gabon: Pangolins in Gabon Share Burrows With Bats in Potential ‘Viral Melting Pot’.
Au Nigeria, le Covid-19 donne un nouvel élan à la défense du pangolin.
Une femelle pangolin sauvage rescapée donne naissance à un petit en bonne santé.
Inter‐colony invasion between wild naked mole‐rat colonies.
Naked mole-rats invade neighboring colonies and steal babies.

Autres nouvelles / Others news:

En Afrique centrale, le réchauffement climatique affame les éléphants de forêts.
Lion farming – Lord Ashcroft submission to South African High Level Panel.
first evidence for ethiopian wolf captivity ?