Mammifères d’Afrique – African Mammals – Revue du WEB – Novembre 2020

Liens vers l’actualité WEB de la faune africaine – Links to WEB African Wildlife News.

Préservation / Conservation:

CAMEROUN : le FFEM finance la protection des chimpanzés de Deng-Deng.
To save the addax antelope, the oil sector and government must work together with conservationists.
COVID-19 ‘perfect storm’ threatens conservation in Africa.
Riff Raff the ‘problem-causing’ elephant shot and killed.
Madagascar: Les jeunes agriculteurs au secours des lémuriens.
SÉNÉGAL : l’État étudie la piste des drones pour la sécurité de ses parcs nationaux.
Africa’s pandemic-fuelled conservation crisis.

Braconnage / Poaching – Trafic / Traffic – Commerce / Trade – Chasse / Hunting:

Bushmeat hunting: The greatest threat to Africa’s wildlife?
Saving rodents, losing primates – we need tailored strategies to manage bushmeat trade.
PETA Investigates How South African President Secretly Profits From Trophy Hunting.


Lessons learned while protecting wild chimpanzees in West Africa.
Violent encounters between social units hinder the growth of a high-density mountain gorilla population.
Building blocks of language evolved before humans split from chimps and monkeys.
Moins d’amis en vieillissant ? Les chimpanzés aussi.
Leprosy, ancient scourge of humans, found to assail wild chimpanzees.
Les chimpanzés peuvent aussi attraper la lèpre.
Humans share 98 percent of DNA with this one animal, and it is going extinct.
Immunogenetic response to a malaria-like parasite in a wild primate.

Herbivores / Herbivorous:

La migration comme solution à la surpopulation des éléphants du Botswana ?
Wildlife corridors keep elephants connected by genes.
Elephants can lose two bathtubs full of water in a single day when it gets hot.

Carnivores / Carnivorous:

Lion genetics study uncovers major consequences of habitat fragmentation.
Female banded mongooses start wars so they can mate with rival males.
An insight into the prey spectra and livestock predation by cheetahs in Kenya using faecal DNA metabarcoding.
Association between reproduction and immunity in Herpestes ichneumon is sex‐biased and unaffected by body condition.

Autres mammifères / Others mammals:

Aardvark Tries to Outrun Hyena.
This African rat gnaws on a poisonous tree to make itself toxic to predators.

Autres nouvelles / Others news:

Unforeseen consequences of conservation management practices: case study on herding rhino as an anti‐poaching measure.
Namibie/Botswana : Menace pétrolière sur le Delta de l’Okavango.
Fears for a million livelihoods in Kenya and Tanzania as Mara River fish die out.
Tanzania: Mara River Species in Peril, Warns Report.
RWANDA : le parc de Gishwati-Mukura sera ouvert aux touristes d’ici décembre 2020.