Mammifères d’Afrique – African Mammals – Revue du WEB – Avril 2022

Liens vers l’actualité WEB de la faune africaine – Links to WEB African Wildlife News.

Préservation / Conservation:

Braconnage / Poaching – Trafic / Traffic – Commerce / Trade – Chasse / Hunting:

Reconsidering the economic relevance of recreational hunting.
Game ranger, police officer arrested over possession of 28.35kg of ivory.
Many hunters leave hippos’ corpses behind and return home with just 12 teeth as their “trophies.”.
Botswana : un chasseur abat le plus grand éléphant tusker du pays après avoir payé 50 000 dollars.
Trophy hunters kill two of Africa’s biggest elephants in Botswana.
Trophy hunter paid $50,000 to kill Botswana’s biggest elephant for its record-breaking tusks.


Conservation of Africa’s colobine monkeys (Cercopithecidae, Colobinae) with taxonomic and biogeographic considerations.
Intentional gestural communication amongst red-capped mangabeys (Cercocebus torquatus).
The Newsletter of the Madagascar Section of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group.
Côte d’Ivoire’s chimp habitats are shrinking, but there’s hope in their numbers.
Road projects threaten integrity of Uganda’s mountain gorilla stronghold.
RWANDA : le parc des Volcans sera agrandi de 23%, avec un investissement de 255 M$.

Herbivores / Herbivorous:

MAF transports endangered gazelles to support breeding programme in Chad.
RDC : transfère de 50 rhinocéros blancs d’Afrique du Sud vers le parc de la Garamba.
How a warming climate threatens Africa’s endangered forest elephants.
Iconic Amboseli super tusker Tolstoy dies.

Carnivores / Carnivorous:

Jackals of Africa.

Autres nouvelles / Others news:

Uproar over plan to litter Botswana’s Chobe National Park with lodges.