Mammifères d’Afrique – African Mammals – Revue du WEB – Novembre 2022

Liens vers l’actualité WEB de la faune africaine – Links to WEB African Wildlife News.

Préservation / Conservation:

Ten African countries accuse EU of failing to protect hippos.
Ten African countries accuse EU of failing to protect hippos.
Translocation in conservation: to crate or not to crate?
Hippos to be uplisted? CITES CoP19.
RDC : une initiative sur le cacao durable pour protéger la Réserve de faune à Okapis.
Mixed results for African elephants at the world wildlife trade conference in Panama.
On the frontline against wildlife poaching in Uganda.

Braconnage / Poaching – Trafic / Traffic – Commerce / Trade – Chasse / Hunting:

Wild chimps and gorillas can form social bonds that last for decades.
Outgunned by militants, rangers fear for chimpanzees in southwest Mali.
Declarative referential gesturing in a wild chimpanzee.
Puberty initiates a unique stage of social learning and development prior to adulthood: Insights from studies of adolescence in wild chimpanzees.
What wild baboons can teach us about aging.
The importance of well protected forests for the conservation genetics of West African colobine monkeys.

Herbivores / Herbivorous:

Tsavo tusker Dida dies of natural causes.
TANZANIE : la population d’éléphants se rétablit.
Kenya : plus de 200 éléphants morts en 9 mois à cause de la sécheresse.
Les cornes de rhinocéros ont rétréci en l’espace d’un siècle.
Evaluating the prevalence and spatial distribution of giraffes injured by non-target poaching.
Iconic Tsavo super tusker Lugard dies.
Last of the ‘Super Tuskers’: Saving Kenya’s majestic megafauna.
West African giraffe conservation success in Niger after daring translocation.

Carnivores / Carnivorous:

Vanishing lions – a 75% decline in Africa’s iconic predators in just five decades.
South Africa leopard monitoring project Western Soutpansberg camera-trap survey 2022.
Evidence of interspecific foraging associations between Cape foxes and striped polecats in the southern Kalahari.
Trends and biases in African large carnivore population assessments: identifying priorities and opportunities from a systematic review of two decades of research.

Autres mammifères / Others mammals:

Biogeography of warthog in the Horn of Africa.
Cape porcupine (Hystix africaeaustralis).
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease outbreak hits South Africa.

Autres nouvelles / Others news:

Human-wildlife conflict: Long-term trends in Namibia.
Protecting the peatlands and woodlands in Angola’s ‘source of life’.
Drought kills hundreds of animals in Kenyan wildlife preserves.
Okavango, Murchison Falls: Big Oil closing in on two iconic African Edens, flags report.