Mammifères d’Afrique – African Mammals – Revue du WEB – Aout 2023

Liens vers l’actualité WEB de la faune africaine – Links to WEB African Wildlife News.

Préservation / Conservation:

Conflict between humans and wildlife in Tanzania is being poorly managed – and climate change is making things worse.
The IUCN SSC guidelines on human-wildlife conflict and coexistence.
How to grow rhinos in a lab: The science that could save an endangered species.
Ruto gives new directives over ownership of Amboseli National Park.
De nouveaux répulsifs pour limiter les conflits Homme-éléphants.
Planting trees to safeguard elephant habitats in Tsavo, Kenya.
Human activity fueling conflict with wildlife.
Conservationists work to restore last remnant of a once-great Ugandan forest.
Lancement de la 2e phase du programme SWM pour la protection de la faune.

Braconnage / Poaching – Trafic / Traffic – Commerce / Trade – Chasse / Hunting:

Rhino poaching in South Africa: A slight decline in the first half of 2023, says environment ministry.
Lion farming in South Africa: fresh evidence adds weight to fears of link with illegal bone trade.
How undercover sting outwitted pangolin traffickers.
US sanctions three DR Congo officials.
GABON : trafic d’ivoire vers le Cameroun, de nouveaux suspects interpelés.
If South Africa Ends Lion Breeding, What to Do With Captive Cats?
The Poaching and Trafficking of Pangolins is Sowing Instability in Central Africa.


New subspecies of Colobus angolensis for Tanzania.
Vocal functional flexibility in the grunts of young chimpanzees.

Herbivores / Herbivorous:

Elephant corridors: The busy trunk routes where locals take care to cross.
Kordofan giraffes face local extinction if poaching continues.
Kordofan giraffes face local extinction in 15 years if poaching continues.
Authorities consider dehorning as KZN rhino numbers drop.
Hippos had found refuge in Uganda’s national parks. But that may be changing.
How scientists discovered that giraffe can use statistical reasoning.
World’s largest private rhino herd doesn’t have a buyer — or much of a future.
Elephant ancestors’ teeth evolved in response to long term changes in diet and climate in Africa.
Where are the giraffes hiding? Predictive tracking tech points the way.
Congo Basin’s elephants boost carbon capture, but need salt-licks to survive.
Elephants invade as habitat loss soars in Nigerian forest reserve.
‘World’s rarest’ giraffe born without spots at Tennessee zoo.
World’s largest private rhino herd doesn’t have a buyer — or much of a future.
African Forest elephants persist in Guinea-Bissau but require an emergency conservation plan.
Assessing the identity of rare historical museum specimens of the extinct blue antelope (Hippotragus leucophaeus) using an ancient DNA approach.

Carnivores / Carnivorous:

Why do lions have manes?
Species in the Spotlight: Lions.
The fast, furious, and brutally short life of an African male lion.
Humans everywhere: Lions cling on in Ethiopia’s last patches of wilderness.
Just a Fight or Something More? Investigating Female Leopard Infanticides.
Dwarf mongoose.

Autres mammifères / Others mammals:

Temminck pangolins relax the precision of body temperature regulation when resources are scarce in a semi-arid environment.

Autres nouvelles / Others news:

Cameroon government again opens way for logging in Ebo Forest.
OUGANDA: Total commence le forage du pétrole dans le parc national de Murchison Falls.
Road upgrade through remote Tanzanian park threatens wildlife.
Climat : sauver la grande faune pour améliorer la séquestration du carbone.